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How a group of farmers saw a problem and came up with their own solution

We have been farming with our families since we could take our first steps.

The story of the Hemp Hawk began when a few farmers came together with an idea. An idea to build a machine that will help lower the cost of chopping weeds manually. We realized that mechanization is needed in the industry to remain profitable.

So in 2018, that’s exactly what we did. Brothers Travis and TayIor Cooper partnered Andy Bishop to develop what we call the Hemp Hawk. It didn’t take long to realize how this machine could revolutionize the hemp, vegetable, and tobacco industries.

Our focus is to save money for farmers while increasing available time to do other things. The objective is to build a machine that will be reliable for years while cutting input costs.

We have sold machines coast to coast and have happy farmers everywhere in between.

Travis Cooper
Taylor Cooper
Andy Bishop

CO-founders of a-1 Implements

Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service

Lifetime of varied farming experience

The founding team has over ___years combined experience in farming, agriculture lending, ______

Quality Craftsmanship

The Hemp Hawk is proudly manufactured in the USA using top quality components and carries a [warranty details here]. Our manufacturing company is based in Kentucky with 20+ years experience in the automotive industry.

Expanding Dealer Network

Find the Hemp Hawk at quality dealerships throughout the US who specialize in Agriculture and Service. New dealers are constantly being added.

The team

The Founding Farmers

Taylor Cooper

president & founder

Taylor started this company with the idea of farmers helping farmers.  He is passionate about creating efficiencies in farming.

Travis Cooper

Vice President & founder

Travis started this company with his brother with the same thoughts in mind.  How can we save money on labor while helping other farmers do the same.

Andy Bishop

Chief executive officer

Andy brings an Agriculture and Agriculture Lending background to the company.  “In Agriculture, the most successful farmers are the ones who focus on the small details such as margins and how to increase them."

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