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Faster Weed Control Designed by Farmers

Faster Weed Control Designed by Farmers

No more expensive labor and no more plastic. Ideal for crops such as vegetables, tobacco, and more!

Here are before and after pictures using our Weeder.
Our product has been known for saving hoe labor.
Give us a call and get your order in before your weeds take over.

Product Specs

No more expensive labor, and no more plastic!

Available in 1 through 12 row models
1 row and 3 row models are adjustable from 30" to 72"
2 row and 4 row models are adjustable from 30" to 48"
Adjusts for up to 3.5' crop height
Adjustable toolbar design

Savings Calculator

No matter the crop, weed control is always a costly issue. Use the Savings Calculator to figure how quickly you will recoup your cost with The Weeder.

Increase margins
Decrease overall input costs
2 row machine can replace 8-10 daily workers
Average savings of $450 per acre

Where to Buy

Find out where you can buy The Weeder and start saving with your next crop.

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